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according to documents i extracted from a
damaged terminal within the archive node, the
salinger's development dates back to pre-war
days. while the documents were unclear as to
the exact date, they did specify the list of
involved men and corporations. the classified
files in the uesc wing will tell you that the
salinger was built by the dangi corporation.
what you won't learn there is that /there is
no/ dangi corporation. the company is a
hollow shell, a holding structure for the
combined wealth of the ten most powerful men
in the pre-war economy.

i can only assume that these ten men took for
granted their success in the business world
and decided to raise the bar of their
influence. the very existence of powerful
industrialists in our society necessitates the
fear that one day there will be no more
foreign markets for them to conquer, that one
day ten trillion credits and fifteen trillion
credits will look no different in their eyes.

it should have been obvious to those who could
stand against them that their final horizon is
complete and utter control. by now it may be
too late.

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